Jordanian MP’s Son Dies Carrying out ISIS Suicide Attack

The son of a Jordanian parliamentarian died while carrying out a suicide attack claimed by the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq this week.

Mazen al-Dhalaein, an independent legislator, was quoted by the Khaberni website as saying his son, Mohammed, had died in Iraq. Al-Dhalaein said he learned of his son’s death after the news was posted on ISIS-linked social media accounts, AFP cited Jordanian media as saying on Friday.

23-year-old Mohammed had been studying medicine in Ukraine before joining ISIS in Syria.

The MP said he had last heard from Mohammed in August when he sent a message that he “had been signed up for a suicide attack soon.”

“He considered me and his mother to be apostates and was trying to convince us to join ISIS,” he added.

ISIS on Tuesday claimed a triple car bombing in the Northern outskirts of Ramadi. The attacks were confirmed by Iraqi military sources, who were unable to identify the bombers.

Musa Abdullat, a leading Jordanian lawyer for Islamist groups, said the legislator’s son was killed Tuesday in an attack on the Iraqi army.

As many as 4,000 Jordanians have joined Takfiri militant groups in Iraq and Syria, Abdullat said.

“Eighty percent of them have joined ISIS” he said, adding that 420 Jordanian militants had been killed in Iraq and Syria since 2011.