Jerusalem Protests Demand PM Stop ‘Abandoning Jewish Blood’

Spontaneous protests broke out in Jerusalem on Saturday night after two Israelis were murdered and two others wounded in a stabbing attack claimed by Islamic Jihad.

Hundreds took to the streets by the light rail near Zion Square, close to the municipality building, and marched towards the Old City’s Yafo Gate.

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Leading nationalist activists such as attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir and Lehava director Bentzi Gopshtain took part, as the crowds chanted, “am Yisrael chai” (the nation of Israel lives), and shouted “Jewish blood is not abandoned,” and “the people demand revenge.”

At Yafo Gate the protesters tried to shut down the road and block traffic, at which point officers took action to disperse them. Clashes broke out in nearby Mamila Mall between the protesters and Arabs, with protesters reportedly spraying tear gas at an Arab man; four protesters were arrested according to police.