New immigrants aged between 22-26 will be exempt from IDF service


New immigrants between the ages of 22 and 26 will be exempt mandatory army service.

Up till now new immigrants were recruited to a service of six months but the army believes this is not effective.

The absorption ministry welcomed the move calling mandatory conscription a “significant barrier,” which had prompted young men to postpone their aliya.

However, an immigrant who wishes to volunteer to enlist in the IDF for a significant [term of] service, can still do so in coordination with the IDF.

Former MK Dov Lipman said, “I am very supportive of this decision.” Lipman currently works with lone soldiers – servicemen, often immigrants, who do not have or are not in touch with family in Israel.

“The issue of army service was one of the number one obstacles for new immigrants in this age group. They have a need to enter the workforce quickly, and this short army service was an obstacle for this,” said Lipman.

“I do believe that army programs where these new immigrants can use their professional training in the IDF should be explored as an optional, voluntary service.

This would give these new immigrants the benefits which come from serving in the IDF and integrating into Israeli society, while continuing to advance their professional careers”.