Egypt revokes citizenship of IDF soldier

Egyptian Acting Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail, revoked the Egyptian citizenship of an Egyptian Jew who immigrated to Israel, because she served  in the IDF. His office released a statement that said, Dena Ovadia, who has already been released from her IDF service, joined a foreign military without requesting permission from the Egyptian Defense Minister. Therefore her Egyptian citizenship has been revoked.

Ovadia, who is currently 24, immigrated to Israel from Alexandria ten years ago. She came together with her family and  served in the IDF spokesperson’s unit. She is currently an Israeli citizen.

Army radio reported that an Egyptian journalist by the name of Ahmed Mussa, who is one of the more well known journalists for the “Al-Ahram” newspaper praised the Egyptian Prime Minister’s decision on live television network of Sada Al-Balad. He reportedly attacked Ovadia and Israel harshly.

“She is currently part of the Zionist regime, which is a racist regime that kills our nation the Palestinians. It is a regime that still conquers land and steals it.”

Ovadia, refused to interview on army radio about the issue, and preferred not to comment on the decision of the Egyptian Prime Minister.