IDF raids Shechem in hunt for Henkin murderers, arrests 8

Israeli security forces carried out searches and arrests across the Shechem area in a pre-dawn operation Saturday, as the hunt continued for the murderers of the Israeli couple on Thursday.

Eitam and Naama Henkin, both in their 30s, were shot dead Thursday night as they were driving in Samaria with their four young children.

Palestinian police said the troops “arrested eight people and conducted searches, entering properties by force and causing damage.”


According to the Palestinian sources, “heavily armed” troops carried out the operation, which Palestinian security forces said involved Israeli intelligence and more than 40 IDF vehicles.

Several palestinians were wounded during the raids when local terrorists clashed with IDF soldiers. One terrorist was in serious condition after he was shot in the chest by live fire. At least four other terrorists were hospitalized for their injuries while many others suffered from the effects of tear gas.



Palestinians terrorists ‘protesting’ against the Israeli Security Forces in Shechem hurled stones at soldiers, who responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and live ammunition.


The Palestinian Red Crescent said, “10 people were wounded by live rounds to the legs or stomach,” and “four others were wounded in beatings” by security forces.

Palestinians quoted Palestinian security forces as saying that the IDF raided the home of a man named Noud ad-Din Abu Hashya in the Askar refugee camp in Shechem. Hashya is believed to have been involved in the attack that killed the Henkins.

According to the report, IDF troops gave Hashya’s family a notice for a demolition order on their home, which is expected to be carried out next week.

The detainees are all thought to be linked to Hamas. Hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. A Fatah group claimed to have carried out the killing.