Zionist Union bill would legalize 41,000 infiltrators

All 24 Zionist Union (Labor) MKs signed a bill that would grant 12-month visas, work permits and health insurance to about 41,000 infiltrators from Sudan and Eritrea who entered Israel illegally.

Writing in Mida, nationalist activist Erez Tadmor noted that if the bill passes, it will doubtless create incentives for hundreds of thousands of additional Africans to enter Israel by any means possible.

“In a country that already has an Arab-Muslim minority that makes up about 20% of the population, this would be a death sentence to the country’s Jewish identity,” he wrote.

He noted that it is the same Zionist Union that insists that Israel should retreat to the indefensible 1949 Armistice lines precisely because it claims that it wants to preserve Israel’s Jewish majority.

“It would not be a far-fetched assumption,” added Tadmor, “to assume that some cynics in the Left understand that in view of the demographic trends in Israel, the infiltrators are a potential reservoir of votes that is supposed to make up for the relatively low birth rate in the Left.”

While Europe is being flooded by infiltrators, Israel has succeeded in stemming the tide of unwanted immigration, added the writer, who served as an adviser to Likud in the last elections, and who is among the founders of grassroots Zionist movement Im Tirtzu. From about 20,000 incoming infiltrators in 2011, the number dropped to 41 in 2014. The law, if passed, would reverse this success, he argued.