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ISIS enslaves 400 Yazidi children to train as suicide bombers

ISIS has kidnapped up to 400 Yazidi children to train them up as suicide bombers.

Around 600 children were taken from Iraq’s Sinjar province and surrounding villages, Kurdish authorities revealed, but 200 are believed to have escaped.

According to CNN, the children are being used to plug gaps in ISIS – used for tasks such as guarding sentries.

But others are being trained up in groups to become deadly suicide bombers.

The youngest child in the evil terror camps is said to be just five years old.

This comes as one 12-year-old boy who managed to escape ISIS claims he was being trained to be part of a horrific bomb squad.

The boy, named ‘Nasir’, said: “There were 60 of us.

“The scariest times for us all were when the airstrikes happened.

“They’d lead all of us underground into the tunnels to hide.

“They told us the Americans, the unbelievers, were trying to kill us but they, the fighters, they loved us.

“They would look after us better than our parents.”

He also told of the sickening brainwashing inflicted on children, such as trying to convince them to kill their own parents.

The boy added: “When they were training us they would tell us our parents were unbelievers and that our first job was to go back to kill them.”

According to the Independent, there have been 29 suicide attacks carried out by children in Syria over the past four months.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights added that they were not all necessarily Yazidi children.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that ISIS are selling young females as sex slaves for as little as a packet of cigarettes.


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