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Saudi Arabia: Bomb-making lab seized; Syrian and Filipino partner nabbed

Saudi security forces have arrested a Syrian expatriate and a Filipino woman suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Saturday.

A ministry spokesman was quoted as saying Syrian national Yasser Mohammed Shafiq Al-Barazi and the unnamed Filipino woman were not only ‘living together illegally’ at a residential house in Al-Fayha’a district in Riyadh, but were also making explosive materials and belts “that were about to be used later in criminal operations.”

The woman was helping Al-Barazi in sewing and preparing the explosive belts, the report said.
“The house as a whole was booby trapped by the perpetrator with severe explosive materials, indifferent to the lives of innocent residents and visitors to the neighborhood,” it said.
Al-Barazi was also found to have rented another apartment in Al-Jazirah district as a shelter for persons wanted by security authorities.
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