Attempted stabbing attack thwarted in Hevron

IDF soldiers foiled an attempted stabbing attack in Beit Anun, near Hevron.

The terrorist tried to attack nearby Jews, but was shot and killed before he was able to do so. Other than the attempted terrorist, no one was harmed.

Har Hevron Council head Yohai Damri says, “Another morning, another attack at the Beit Anun square. This is the second attack this week and, thank G-d, none of our forces were injured.”

He added: “I again demand, just as I have before, to make a separate route at this square. There are approved plans for a division and we must implement them now, before it costs lives.”

Two days ago, another Arab terrorist tried to stab IDF soldiers nearby. As happened today, the soldiers fired in response and killed the attacker. Earlier that same day, other terrorists opened fire at a checkpoint in Abu Dis, northeast of Bethlehem.