Israeli Man Fatally Crushed After Falling From Elevator in Brooklyn

A 37-year-old Jewish man died after falling from an elevator in a upscale building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Friday morning.

Eran Modan, who lived in Queens and is an Israeli citizen, was at 156 Hope St. around 4:15 a.m., when he boarded the elevator to make his way out of the building.

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Within minutes, he realized it was malfunctioning and proceeded to exit, when the elevator dropped three feet.  Modan fell down the shaft, trapping him between the elevator and ground floor.

The first 911 call to police came in at 4:18 a.m. When police officers arrived, they found Modan’s head and neck sticking out from the shaft to the floor in the lobby.

His body was trapped between the shaft and the ground, a NYPD official told JP.

Six other people who were with Modan at the time called EMS, who responded to the scene and prepared to transfer him to Bellevue hospital. He died on the way to the ambulance, the official said.

The official added, Modan sustained multiple head injuries and was unable to survive.

The building has had at least four elevator violations in the past, with tenants citing its dangerous nature. A caller to the Department of Buildings reported on Nov. 26, 2012 that the “elevator will only go up and only opens half way.” The complainant stated the lift “wobbles and jerks up and down” and stated it was “unsafe to get in.”

The elevator was rated “unsatisfactory” after a June 26, 2014 inspection. But the latest inspection on Sept. 17, gave the elevator a “satisfactory” grade by inspector Scott Schindler of Preferred Elevator, records show.


Chesed Shel Emes was on the scene to ensure Kvod Hamet. Modan will be flown to Israel motzei shabbat, where he will be buried.