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Iran set to return U.S. soldiers later today

The ten American soldiers whose small riverine boats drifted into Iranian territorial waters on Tuesday and who were detained by Iranian forces are to be returned to the U.S. Navy on Wednesday.

The U.S. lost contact with the two boats which had apparently experienced technical problems and lost contact with U.S. forces.

Following continued contact between Iran and the United States, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif announced that the sailors will be returned very soon to U.S. forces.

In all likelihood the sailor’s will be returned to the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier later in the day on Wednesday.

It appears that the sailor’s return will occur after the group is questioned by Iranian forces, and that it is ascertained that the boats veered into Iranian waters without any intentions to create a conflict, and without taking part in any intelligence gathering mission.

President Barack Obama chose not to address the crisis in his State of the Union address on Tuesday. Rather he chose to portray the United States as the strongest super-power in the world, and claim that the status of every American citizen is better today than it has ever been before.

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