Utter Embarrassment: Hamas’ Movie Star Joins ISIS

A Hamas militant, who participated in ‘special operations’ against Israel, recently announced to his fans his permanent retirement.

Actor Ahmed Kileb, a 33 year-old Gazan, wrote on his Facebook page in a few words about his upcoming retirement. Few minutes after posting, he closed his account and did not log in again.

Kileb wrote on his page that ‘Allah guided him to the right dimension for representation’.

It was noted in last month’s Kileb, that his publications showed support for what he calls ‘Muslim Daesh (ISIS) State’, which openly supported the ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ brigades (arch enemy of Hamas), which is connected to the ‘Islamic Caliphate’.

Kileb had spoken to one of his fans, saying that he had created an anonymous Twitter account to follow news from the Islamic State and ‘their great victories’.

Kileb is the more well known media figures who publicly showed their support for ISIS.

This is the last Hamas propaganda ‘movie’ he acted in only few months ago.