Syria: Video captures moment volunteers are caught in second explosion as they rescue children

Unarmed  Syrian volunteers have been bombed as they attempted to rescue children from a building destroyed by an earlier explosion, new footage from the conflict claims to show.

The video, apparently recorded by the Syrian Civil Defence organisation, shows men running into the wreckage of a building in Douma and pulling children from the rubble.

As the men pass the children to safety, another explosion rocks the wreckage and the rescuers – known as the White Helmets – find themselves in need of help as the camera’s view is obscured by dust and falling masonry.


The White Helmets are an unarmed group of volunteers who operate in the centre of the deadly conflict, which has killed more than 200,000 since its outbreak four years ago.

Douma, once a suburb on the outskirts of Damascus to the south of the country, is now yet another flashpoint of violence in the battle waged by Syrian rebels against the government. The area has been held intermitted by Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces since 2012.

The footage emerged as the Russian department of defence said it had carried out another round of bombing across the north-west.

The Kremlin’s intervention has been criticised by officials in the US. They claim the Russian military’s use of force has targeted civilians and not exclusively Isis positions.

“We call on the Russian Federation to immediately cease its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians and to focus its efforts on fighting ISIL (IS),” the UK, US, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey said in a statement on Friday.