Arab armed with knife arrested in Hevron

An Arab was arrested near the Beit Hadassah neighborhood of Hevron on Thursday afternoon in possession of a large knife.

According to security forces, he intended to carry out a stabbing attack on either an Israeli soldier or civilian.

Hevron’s Jewish community quickly condemned the attempted attack, saying, “It has been proven time and time again that Arab terrorism is a serious and deep sickness that cannot be treated as localized, partial or transient.”

“We must tear out terror from the root, free the city of Hevron from the clutches of a terrorist regime and release the Israeli people from this nightmare,” they continued.

“Delivering Hamas to the enemy was a fatal mistake and now [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netnayahu can and must release Hevron.”

“Unfortunately, the government strictly forbids Jews from building in Hevron, while allow terrorists full freedom,” they charged. “We demand an immediate change in policy and security for Hevron. The enemy will not be defeated by words, only in deeds.”