Knife-wielding terrorist shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ shot dead trying to enter Paris police station

Police in Paris have shot a terrorist who tried to enter a police station armed with a knife, Police Union sources are reporting, as cited by Reuters.

The French broadcaster iTele says the incident took place at the Goutte d’Or police station in Paris’ 18th district.

An eyewitness said two or three shots were heard. Police have sealed off the area, AFP reports.


Anna Polonyi, a journalist from the New York Times, has published a photo of a man lying on the ground outside the building. She said a robot appears to be inspecting the body.


Police asked neighbors to close their windows and balconies  shouting that “It’s dangerous”.

The terrorist armed with a knife allegedly attacked on-duty policemen, with one officer receiving injuries, according to local media reports.

Police union sources told Reuters the knife-wielding attacker was shot and killed.


There were also reports that the terrorist was believed to have shouted “Allah Akbar” as he tried to gain entry to the station. He may have been wearing a suicide belt, an interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet said on BFMTV, as cited by Reuters.


“The man did have a belt, but it was a fake. The bomb-disposal unit confirmed it was a fake,” the police union source said, as cited by Reuters.

The incident comes as Paris marks the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, which killed 12 people on January 7, 2015.


Thursday’s shooting occurred minutes before French President Francois Hollande paid tribute to police officers, who have been killed in the line of duty. He said there would be an unprecedented strengthening of French security, which would include a further 5,000 police officers.