Tel Aviv terrorist disabled cameras before murdering taxi driver

Police revealed Thursday morning that Tel Aviv gunman Nashat Milhem disabled the cameras in Ayman Shaban’s taxi before murdering him, Channel 10 reports.

According to investigators, Milhem fled the scene of his initial shooting attack – in which two Israelis were murdered and nine others wounded – and jumped into Shaban’s cab.

When the Israeli-Arab cab driver refused to cooperate, apparently upon Milhem’s orders to avoid a police checkpoint, the gunman shot him dead as well.

Authorities discovered the cameras in Shaban’s cab did not record Milhem’s trip, leading them to believe he disabled the cameras sometime after entering the taxi and shooting Shaban to death.

Shaban’s family has demanded police release footage of the murder and the revelation now would seem to be in effort to appease them.

The new revelations also come a day after reports police have made some progress in their hunt for Milhem, and that the search is increasingly focusing on Palestinian Authority-controlled areas.

Police estimate Milhem escaped into PA-controlled areas sometime overnight Tuesday after receiving assistance from former convicts in the Triangle area whom he knew in prison.