Police arrest dozens in nationwide illegal weapons sweep

Police have launched a major nationwide crackdown on illegal weapons, as part of efforts to end rampant gun crime in the Arab sector.


A major police operation to net illegal firearms and gun dealers launched this morning (Wednesday), the same day as an Arab lawmaker criticized the government for not taking enough action against the phenomenon of illegally-held firearms in Arab communities.


In the course of the operation today – which is still ongoing – police swept both Arab and Jewish communities, and have already netted more than 20 illegal weapons, several grenades, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, as well as a quantity of narcotics and stolen goods.


More than 50 suspects have been arrested so far.

Police say today’s operation is part of wider investigative and intelligence efforts in the war against illegal weapons.


They added that 2015 alone saw 10 similar major operations, which resulted in more than 1,250 indictments and the arrests of around 1,000 other suspects whose detention has been extended until the end of court proceedings.