NYPD and Brooklyn Shomrim join forces to tackle terror threats

A special meeting between 300 representatives from Torah Institutes and educational centers in Brooklyn, New York, and heads of the New York Police Department took place this week.

At the meeting, it was decided that the “Shomrim” organizations will work together with the NYPD to increase a sense of security for the students who attend haredi institutions in the borough. At the end of the meeting it was decided that both the NYPD and the “Shomrim” would beef up security efforts around the haredi neighborhoods and schools.

The main threat is that Islamic extremists individuals or organizations would carry out attacks to demonstrate their prowess, against the high concentration of haredi Jews in Brooklyn.

Sources in the NYPD said that so far no information or intelligence has surfaced that would lead them to expect attacks on Jewish schools or communities in New York. However, the tense situation calls for an extra level of readiness.

The city council of New York has recently earmarked $20 million to ensuring security around private schools in which more than 300 students learn. The ages of these students can range from preschool up until the end of 12th grade.

One of the Police Directors told reporters “that the police protection will be more than enough to ensure the safety of the neighborhoods, the streets and the schools. The new level of protection will include police patrols in the area of the schools, establishing community police to oversee certain areas, and increased DEA units.”

“The most important aspect will be the cooperation between the police and the representatives of the schools. The representatives need to not hesitate to call the police with regards to any suspicious activity, no matter what it may be. Awareness can save lives.”