Israeli Arab offers $10K reward to find Tel Aviv terrorist

An Israeli Arab merchant is offering a $10,000 cash reward for information that helps in the capture of an Israeli Arab terrorist who killed three people in two Tel Aviv shooting attacks.

Mazen Qaq, head of the merchants’ committee in Jerusalem’s Old City and a resident of eastern Jerusalem, announced the reward on Tuesday for information leading to the arrest of Nashat Melhem.

“This is someone who acted against Israeli citizens, and I won’t allow someone like him to destroy trust and security,” Qaq told Ynet.

Qaq also said that business in the Old City has dropped by 70 percent in the past few months as a result of the surge of stabbings and other attacks by Arab terrorists against Jews.

“We’re cousins. We need to forget this nonsense about Arabs and Jews,” he said. “We are all human beings, no matter what your religion is, we are one people. We give you a hand, you help us and we help you.”

Melhem is believed to be hiding somewhere in northern Israel. Police on Tuesday searched in the environs of Wadi Ara in the north where Melhem hails from on suspicions he was given cover by his family.