Hezbollah releases photos from Lebanon border attack

The photos show where a roadside bomb planted by the “Samir Kuntar Brigades” detonated, hitting an armored Israeli vehicle, as well as a nearby IDF post.

Ever since Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack – as revenge, or part of it, over the assassination of Samir Kuntar in Syria two and a half weeks ago – the organization has been trying to glorify it as much as possible both in its scale and in its results.


Among other things, Lebanese media reported at length about how Hezbollah’s militants were able to cross the electronic border fence without trouble and plant the explosive despite the harsh weather conditions and the high alert IDF troops in the area were put on.

The IDF’s initial investigation found that the reason the attack ended without casualties on the Israeli side was the fact that, due to the high tensions following Kuntar’s killing, the patrolling force was accompanied by a D9 bulldozer, which took on most of the damage from the bomb.


IDF forces are constantly reconnoitering the area to ensure Hezbollah militants can’t take advantage of the fog that at times covers the slopes of the mountain range, as well as the densely wooded terrain, in order to come close to the border again.

The IDF will remain on high alert in the coming days and will continue its disruption and prevention activities along the border.

Unlike the anti-tank missile attack on the slopes of Mount Dov last year, which was done in retaliation for the assassination of Jihad Mughniyeh, this time the IDF allowed for a relatively quick return to routine, and civilian traffic on Route 99 between Kiryat Shmona and the Hermon Mountain remained open without unusual military presence.

On Route 899, from the Galilee panhandle westward, several manned IDF roadblocks remained in some of the junctions closer to the border fence, but the military allows free movement to civilians in that area as well.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visited the Israel-Lebanon border on Tuesday following the attack the previous day and said that “The IDF is on alert and prepared for any development, as we saw yesterday as well. The military is prepared to respond based on what is needed, as it had done yesterday, responding severely.”