Grandfather confirms ‘Jihadi Junior’ IS the son of British jihadi female

The child soldier who has threatened the UK with new atrocities in a chilling ISIS execution video is the son of a notorious jihadi bride from London, according to her own father.

The young boy, dressed in military fatigues and a black bandanna bearing the white mark of ISIS, declares that ‘We will kill kuffar [non believers]’ in depraved new footage which sees five shackled men in orange jumpsuits brutally murdered by a masked executioner.


It has been confirmed that the child, who is just six-years-old, is the young son of Grace ‘Khadijah’ Dare, who grew up in Lewisham, south London, to Nigerian Christian parents and converted to Islam as a teenager.

Mr Dare, a minicab driver, told the Telegraph: ‘I was surprised when I saw the picture. It’s definitely him. Of course I’m worried but there’s nothing I can do now.


‘I’m not angry – I would never have expected it. I just hope someone is trying to bring them back

In 2014, Khadijah Dare, one of her many post-conversion pseudonyms, posted a shocking photograph to her Twitter account of her then four-year-old son Isa, meaning ‘Jesus’, smiling as he aims an AK-47 rifle.

She is married to a Swedish Islamic fighter called Abu Bakr, and is a convert who previously attended a mosque in South London.


Isa also has at least one younger sibling, a boy who would now be between two and three years old, who his mother has referred to as a ‘mini mujahid’, or holy warrior.

Images of Isa looking remarkably similar to those of the young boy featured in the video sparked speculation earlier today thanks to a mole on the child’s face in both images and his distinctively shaped eyes.

Dare is believed to have been radicalised online before she started attending the Lewisham Islamic Centre, where Drummer Lee Rigby’s murderers are said to have worshipped, although the mosque denies they were part of the congregation.


Prime Minister David Cameron has described the video as ‘desperate stuff’ from a group that is ‘losing territory’ and ‘increasingly losing anybody’s sympathy’.

Young children have appeared in many IS propaganda videos, including material which shows groups of children being trained with guns.In one infamous image, a child was pictured holding a severed head, while another photograph that circulated online showed a young child being encouraged to kick a severed head.

More than 30 UK children had been made the subject of family court orders over radicalisation fears, Scotland Yard said in August. At that time, judges had considered cases involving 12 different families.