Israel returns 23 more bodies of terrorists to PA

Israel is continuing to return bodies of terrorists to the Palestinian Authority (PA), even as the current terror wave continues.

On Friday, Israel handed over the bodies of 23 more terrorists, the IDF told AFP, in an apparent bid to ease tensions.

Palestinian medical sources in Hevron said 17 bodies to be buried in the area had already been received. Six others were handed over in northern Judea and Samaria.

A spokeswoman for the IDF told the news agency said the operation had been completed.

The IDF said its ambulances had met Red Crescent ones at checkpoints, and the bodies were transferred and taken to Palestinian hospitals for identification before being given to the families.

The latest return of bodies comes just one day after the Defense Ministry handed over to the PA the bodies of eight Arab terrorists who carried out recent terror attacks and were neutralized by security forces.

Seven bodies were transferred to the PA at the Bethany (Al-Eizariya) checkpoint, as the terrorists were residents of the Ramallah area of Samaria. The body of another terrorist was transferred to the PA in Qalqilya.

The IDF spokeswoman told AFP that after Friday’s handovers the army would have returned a total of 76 bodies and was still holding two.

Police could also be holding more bodies, she said.