Details Emerge About Identity of Tel Aviv Terrorist

Details continued to emerge in Israeli media reports late on Friday about the terrorist who targeted a bar in Tel Aviv earlier in the day.

According to the reports, citing Israeli defense officials, the terrorist was a 29-year-old Arab Israeli citizen from a village located near Haifa in the Wadi Ara area. He reportedly was motivated to carry out the attack by radical Islamist incitement.

Channel 10 said the shooter’s father recognized his son’s face on CCTV footage from moments before he carried out the attack that left two Israelis dead and eight wounded. After seeing a TV broadcast 0f the images, the father notified authorities.


The attacker’s Facebook page was free of incitement to violence against Israel, Channel 10 reported. According to Channel 2, the killer was not known to belong to radical terrorist organizations.


His former lawyer and relative, Sami Milhem, told Channel 2 that the man was suffering from mental health issues. “He is not of sound mind,” Sami Milhem said. He confirmed that the suspect had previously served time in jail. The suspect’s father was a volunteer with the police, Milhem said. He said that he had last seen the suspect at a wedding about a month ago, and he had seemed “stoned.”

Security forces were conducting extensive searches for the terrorist, as police bolstered its presence on the streets of Tel Aviv and scoured the streets for a sign of him.