‘He Had a Little Smile on His Face While He Was Shooting’ Tel Aviv Eyewitness

In interviews with Israeli media outlets on Friday afternoon, eyewitnesses recalled the harrowing scene of a shooting attack at a popular bar in central Tel Aviv earlier in the day.

“The shooter approached with a scarf over his face and a black-grey jacket, took a weapon out of his bag behind his back and started shooting,” one eyewitness told Israeli Walla news. “There was a girl just lying on the street, bleeding. Another pregnant woman fell. And what little I managed to see, he had a little smile while he was shooting. Like he was pleased with it.”

Police and ambulances arrived within a few minutes, moving away bystanders and treating the wounded. The shooter ran off down the street and disappeared, he said.

The witness, who said he was a former Israeli combat soldier, said he was sure the shooter was carrying an Israeli-made Uzi submachine gun.

Another eyewitness told Channel 2 that she saw a pregnant woman faint. She said her life was probably spared when bullets were intercepted by wooden benches between her friends and her and the shooter.

The owner of a natural  shop adjacent to where the attack took place said two girls ran into the store after the shooting began.

“It took me a little while to find the keys but as soon as I found them I locked us inside,” she said.