DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Moments of the Tel Aviv mass shooting attack

Security cameras at a coffee shop near the scene of the shooting attack in Tel Aviv, in which two people were killed and nine were injured, documented the dramatic moments when the armed suspect arrived at the pub at the heart of Tel Aviv. In the footage, the suspect is seen approaching the unsuspecting citizens and opening fire at them with an automatic weapon.

A man armed with an automatic weapon opened fire at a pub on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, killed two people and injured at least seven, two of them in critical condition. A manhunt is currently being held after the shooter or shooters, including helicopters and special forces. The Tel Aviv Police stated that it is impossible to determine at this point whether the incident was nationalistically or criminally motivated.

An eyewitness told Channel 2 News: “We suddenly heard shooting. Our instinct was to run away and hide. I lifted my head and heard more and more shooting. I saw one man run and another man who was shot lying on the ground.”



In new closed-circuit footage that has emerged in recent hours, the suspect is seen calmly buying vegetables in a store adjacent to the bar that was the primary recipient of a hail of bullets fired from what appears to be a semiautomatic rifle.

The clip shows the suspect, a bespectacled man dressed in black with a backpack who appears no older than 30, purchasing vegetables in a nutritional supplement shop just near a bar.

The gunman is seen calmly putting back the vegetables he picked out, opening his backpack, and then producing a semiautomatic rifle. He then begins to fire indiscriminately.

The footage seems to complement an earlier clip shot from inside a nearby bar, where patrons are seen hurriedly scrambling while the gunman can be discerned outside while emptying his magazine.

The police high command is convening at this hour in the Tel Aviv municipality building for a situational assessment regarding the hunt for the gunman.

The meeting is being run by the new police commissioner, Roni Alsheich, along with other senior officers.