71% of Israelis: Government failing against terror wave

A new survey published on Friday reveals that the overwhelming majority of the Israeli public feels the coalition government has failed them, by not taking the correct measures in confronting the current wave of Arab terrorism.

The research was conducted for Walla by Prof. Camil Fuchs of “Panel Project Hamidgam” and the statistician Yosef Miklada of the STATNET research institute.

According to the findings, a full 61% of the public feel that their level of personal security had been harmed or greatly harmed since the attacks began around three months ago.

In contrast, just 29% said their level of security was not so harmed, while only 9% felt their security had not been harmed at all. The findings come on the backdrop of constant knife, car and shooting attacks that have been focused in the Jerusalem area, but have also reached Tel Aviv and the coastal urban sprawl on numerous occasions.

An even more stark response was found when participants were posed the following question: “in your opinion, is the government properly dealing with the terror wave?”

A full 71% of respondents said the government was not properly dealing with the threat, as opposed to just 19% who felt it was, and 9% who said they didn’t know.

The poll included 610 participants, 501 of them Jewish and 109 of them Arab citizens.