Dubai fire breaks out next to world’s tallest skyscraper

BREAKING: At least 2 more explosions heard at downtown Dubai building fire



UPDATE: The Dubai government’s media office said the blaze was 90 percent under control. Police chief Major General Khamis Matar told Al Arabiya television: “All residents of the hotel were evacuated and there are 14 injured, with light injuries.”


Less than two hours before the New Year’s Eve fireworks display in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), a massive fire broke out at The Address Hotel, a central building in the city.

The building is located right next to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, reports BBC.

It remains unclear what set off the massive fire, which has caused burning debris to plummet from the blazing building.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, and it is not yet clear if there are any casualties from the disaster.

Dubai officials: Fire at The Address hotel started on the 20th floor, outside of the tower

So far, no casualties have been reported.

Witnesses said large tongues of flames shooting skywards enveloped the luxury hotel, which lies across a plaza from the Burj Khalifa, where hundreds of people were gathering to view a spectacular fireworks display due to start shortly to mark the New Year.

The Dubai government’s media office said on its Twitter feed that civil defense teams were working to evacuate the hotel and tackle the fire.