The Al-Aqsa Mosque Should Be Treated As A Terrorist Camp BY DAVID WEISSMAN


Violence has been escalating at the Temple Mount for the past few days.  The public has been able to see video of what goes inside the Al-Aqsa mosque – weapons being made and rocks brought to be used as weapons.  A Jewish man was murdered by these rock throwers.

Even as this goes on, the world continues to demonize Israel and her moral Army the Israel Defense Force.  The Palestinian authority continues to complain to the UN Human Rights Council that Israel has committed “War Crimes” and that Israel should be taken to international criminal court.  These false accusations should be considered null and void because Israel has proven conclusively that it tried to do everything in its power to help the civilians in the battlefield, and the fact that Hamas was trying to prevent those efforts as well as committing actual war crimes of their own such as using Palestinian women and children as human shields.

Now there is proof of what the Palestinians have done.  There is evidence to support the fact that the Palestinians have broken actual laws, including the laws of war during Operation Protective Edge, so  who is it that should be on trial?

A mosque is also supposed to be a place of worship, not an arsenal for weapon storage.  The actions of the Palestinians is an act of war, especially with this mosque being used as a place to prepare for attacks on Israeli citizens. If the Al-Aqsa mosque continues to be used to put Israeli lives in danger, it should be destroyed.

If the Palestinians want world recognition for a Palestinian state, they should follow the same set of laws as the rest of the civilized world, and allow people the freedom to practice their faith without fear of violence. When they violate the law, they should be held accountable just as everyone else who lives in a recognized country.