Release of Tonino Gontheir -suspected Accomplice of Hypercasher attack

Tonino Gonthier, suspected of aiding Amedy Coulibaly in last year’s terrorist attack at a kosher supermarket in France, resulting in the killing of four hostages and one police officer, was released from prison and placed under judicial control in June, reports le Parisien on Thursday.
The decision was made by the investigating judge in May after Gonthier’s lawyer filed an application for release.
The 23 year old man was released in due to “the low alleged involvement” in the preparation of the hostage taking in which four people were killed January 9th, said a source close to the case. The source said the man, who has “no criminal record”, but admitted to purchasing tear gas using his ID card. He assured that he was “totally unaware of the planned attacks” and “only saw the hostage taker.”
Acquaintances and relatives of Amedy Coulibaly were indicted in the investigation, as they were suspected of having provided “logistical support” to the killer. All denied being aware of the plans of the attack.
The counsel for Tonino Gonthier declined to comment.