Muslim ‘Clock Kid’ was Serial Troublemaker

The Muslim teenager from Texas who was arrested for bringing his home-made clock to school was a “weird little kid” that could have a future in crime, one of his former teachers said, according to the Daily Mail.

Ralph Kubiak, a retired teacher from the Sam Houston Middle School, said that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was a troublemaker in his younger years.

“He’s one of those that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang,” Kubiak was quoted as having told the Dallas Morning News.

The teenager was arrested two weeks ago after teachers at MacArthur High School mistook a homemade clock for a bomb. He was later invited to the White House by President Barack Obama, after the story went viral on social media.

Ahmed says he was arrested, handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention after bringing the clock to school.

He was not charged but he was suspended from school for three days. His father has since removed him from the school district.

The clock debacle wasn’t the first time Mohamed raised eyebrows in the school district, according to the Daily Mail. In middle school he racked up a number of suspensions and once made a homemade remote to turn off one of his classroom projectors.

The Irving School District investigated claims of anti-Muslim bullying from staff members and students about a year after Mohamed arrived at the school, knowing almost no English.

Mohamed claimed his classmates called him “ISIS boy” and said his teachers told him he couldn’t pray in school, according to the report..

The teen’s disciplinary record is confidential, but peers and former students said that some incidents were blown out of proportion.

Mohamed reportedly brought several versions of his homemade clock to school in the past without a problem.

Family friend Anthony Bond said that one suspension came after the teen was found blowing soap bubbles in a bathroom with his cousin.

“Kids are kids,” he told the Dallas Morning News. “He was a little boy in a new environment, and they were acting out.”

After an incident in which Mohamed was suspended for defending himself in a hallway fight, Bond wrote a letter to the district to get the boy’s suspension overturned.

Earlier this week, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne claimed that Mohamed’s failureto comply with officers was the reason he was detained.

“In my own conversations with the police is that he was not forthcoming with information, but I just think common sense prevails,” Duyne was quoted as having told local station KDFW. “Does it make sense? And if not, why?”

Mayor Duyne, who previously made headlines for voicing her fears that Islamic Sharia law was coming to Dallas, said Ahmed’s family had not responded to the city’s request to have records of the incident released.