Modi’in terrorist indicted for attempted murder

Prosecutors filed an indictment Thursday with the Central District Court against Ismail Alhadidi for the brutal attempted murder of two foremen during a back-to-back terror attack on two Modi’in construction sites.

They are asking that Alhadidi be kept in police custody until the conclusion of the trial against him.

According to the indictment, the foreman of the construction site on which Alhadidi was working last week made his way over to speak with the 39-year-old resident of Beit Sira.

When the foreman turned to walk away, Alhadidi hit him in the back with a chiseling hammer. The manager began to flee and Alhadidi chased after him. After a few meters, Alhadidi caught up with the foreman and hit him again, this time in the back of the head.

The foreman fell and Alhadidi hit him in the head once again as he lay on the ground. Nearby workers tried to take control of Alhadidi; the hammer fell from his hands and he ran to a nearby construction site.

Arriving at the second construction site, Alhadidi grabbed an iron bar and began to search for another Jew to kill. He walked into the main office and chanced upon an engineer serving as the second site’s foreman.

Alhadidi, mistaking the blue-eyed Arab engineer for an Israeli, raised the iron bar and struck the victim’s head. As he swung the bar for another hit, another construction worker shoved him against the wall and struggled to take control of the bar.

The worker restrained Alhadidi until security forces arrived on the scene.