IDF orders northern farmers to steer clear of border fence

The IDF’s Northern Command ordered local farmers on Wednesday to avoid standing for long periods near the border fence as well as to keep their distance from the area as best as possible.

The alert along the northern border with Lebanon remains high in the wake of the death of Hezbollah terrorist Samir Kuntar.

Israel’s defense establishment has received hot warnings about the possibility of a revenge attack after Kuntar was killed early Sunday in a suspected Israeli air raid on Damascus.

According to the warnings, farmers who work near the border are a major target.

Security sources say the directive to farmers is inevitable, given the overwhelming number of threats issued by various terrorist groups against Israel in the days since Kuntar’s death.

They added that farmers in the region were trained for such high-alert scenarios.

The sources relayed that Israeli security forces are specifically treating the threat from Hezbollah very seriously and are prepared for any possibility or necessary response.