PLO Flag Raised at UN For the First Time

Shortly after Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced on Wednesday at the UN Headquarters in New York that he is abandoning the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian delegation raised the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag for the first time at the UN HQ.

The flag raisingĀ comes after a motion was passed earlier in the month to raise the flags of both the PLO and the Vatican, given that “Palestine” and the Vatican both have non-member observer status at the UN.

Israel voted against the September 10 decision to raise the PLO flag, along with the United States and six other countries. A fullĀ 119 supported raising the flags, with 45 countries abstaining.

Ironically, the PLO and Abbas’s Fatah faction were both classified as terrorist organizationsĀ onĀ international terror lists – until the 1994 Oslo Accords that established the PA and removed that status, and which Abbas rejected just minutes earlier at the UN on Wednesday.

The 1968 charter of the PLO, which led to the international terrorist classification,Ā calls for “armed struggle” or “armed revolution” nine times, declaring “armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine,” and calling on local Arabs to “be prepared for the armed struggle.”

Despite the Oslo Accords, the PLO Charter and Fatah Constitution have never been changed, andĀ the groups have neverĀ renounced terror, with Fatah continuing to takeĀ an active role in terror attacks against Israel.