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Arab Joint List faction condemns Kuntar assassination

The extreme-left Hadash party, which holds five of the Arab Joint List faction’s 13 seats in the Israeli Knesset, has issued a condemnation of the assassination of Hezbollah arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar earlier this week.

In a post on the party’s official Facebook page, Hadash – whose factions include the Israeli Communist Party, and whose chairman Aymen Odeh is leader of the Joint List – condemned the strike as “Israeli terrorism in Syria.”

“The Israeli Communist Party (Miki) and the The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) condemn the act of assassination conducted by Israel in Syria on Sunday 20/12/2015, which reflects the bloody thuggery of Israel in the region,” read the post, which was translated from Arabic by Palestinian Media Watch.

“This strike once again demonstrates the depths of Israel’s involvement in Syria, which is liable to lead to destruction that the Government of Israel will be held responsible for,” it continued, expressing a conspiracy theory popular among much of the Arab world that Israel is somehow orchestrating the Syrian civil war.

The statement further alleged that the airstrike was a continuation of “the close political, intelligence and military alliance between Israel and the forces of terror in Syria, together with the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

The party then went on to issue a veiled support for attacks against Israel, declaring its support for “the Lebanese and Syria people to oppose the Israeli occupation of their lands,” and calling for a “full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Syrian-Arab Golan Heights and from the occupation Lebanese Shabaa Farms as a necessary prerequisite for peace in the region” – parroting demands by Hezbollah for Israel to hand over the strategically-important Golan and Har Dov regions.

Samir Kuntar was a widely-reviled figure in Israel, for his role in a notorious 1979 terrorist attack on Nahariya in northern Israel.

Kuntar personally kidnapped 28-year-old Danny Haran along with his four-year-old daughter Einat. He then shot and drowned Danny in front of his daughter’s eyes before battering the defenseless child to death with his rifle butt.

He was released from an Israeli prison as part of a prisoner-swap deal with Hezbollah in 2008, and had reportedly been leading efforts to orchestrate further attacks against Israel from Syria when he was killed.

In condemning his assassination, Hadash joins Hamas, Hezbollah and the Syrian and Iranian regimes.

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