Was The Las Vegas Strip Crash Terrorism?

A female driver is in police custody after repeatedly plowing her car onto the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk and running over dozens of people. At least one person has died and another 37 injured, police said. Authorities are still sorting through evidence and security footage, but police confirmed later in the evening that they would be “treating this as an intentional act.” But was the Las Vegas car crash terrorism?

Given recent events in Paris and San Bernardino, California, it’s not unusual to wonder whether Las Vegas could be added to that list of terrorist targets. However, officials were comfortable enough to dispel that concern to reporters. “This was not an act of terrorism,” Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman said, adding that the initial police investigation appears to indicate that the incident was intentional. Counter-terrorism units were at the scene but only as part of the larger law enforcement contingent to ensure that all scenarios were covered.

Police said the driver, described as being in her 20s, drove onto the sidewalk twice and possibly a third time, accelerating into crowds of people. The car then fled the scene and was discovered at nearby Tuscany Suites and Casino, where she was detained by police.

The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed by authorities, was detained and tested for alcohol and controlled substances. She is expected to be charged early Monday morning.