Tensions high ahead of Samir Kuntar’s funeral

Israel’s security establishment remains on high alert Monday, ahead of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar’s funeral.

Kuntar will be buried in Beirut’s Dahiya neighborhood at 4:00 pm local time. Hundreds – if not thousands – of Hezbollah terrorists will reportedly be in attendance, with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah expected to speak via satellite feed from his bunker.

Kuntar is notorious for the 1979 murder of three Israelis, including 31-year-old Danny Haran, and his four-year-old daughter.

While he has become a figurehead for Hezbollah terrorism in Israel over the past several decades, at least one report Sunday suggested that he had formally disassociated himself from the group – instead, choosing to join a pro-Syrian militia deemed too cruel for the Syrian Army.

While Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the airstrike which killed Kuntar Saturday, the strike has been widely – and almost exclusively – attributed to the IAF, possibly in retaliation for a major terror attack Kuntar was planning in the Golan Heights region.

Late Sunday night, three rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon; no injuries were reported. The IAF struck terror targets in southern Lebanon in response. Early Monday, a Palestinian terror group claimed responsibility for the attack; several Palestinian terror groups have threatened a response to Kuntar’s death.