Three rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel

Three rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, the army has confirmed.

Air raid sirens sounded in communities throughout the western Galilee in northern Israel, at 17:42 local time Sunday, including in Rosh Hanikra and Nahariya.

Locals report hearing at least one explosion, but there is as yet no word on any casualties or damage.

Lebanese sources told AFP that “two Katyusha rockets were fired from a Lebanese village five kilometres (three miles) from the border with Israel.”

A short time later, the IDF confirmed it sent the Israeli Air Force (IAF) into southern Lebanon in direct retaliation for the attack.

“The IDF considers the Lebanese Army as solely responsible for what is happening in the region and will continue to act against any attempt to harm Israel’s sovereignty and security,” the IDF warned Sunday night.

It comes after Hezbollah vowed revenge for the assassination of its notorious commander Samir Kuntar, in what is believed to have been an Israeli airstrike near Damascus.

Updates to follow.