‘Historic justice has been done’

Family of Samir Kuntar’s victims have responded Sunday morning to reports the Hezbollah-linked terrorist was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Damascus.

“Historical justice has been done,” Smadar Haran told Yedioth Ahronoth on Sunday morning. She lost her husband, Danny, and two young daughters in the horrific 1979 attack perpetrated by Kuntar and three other Lebanese terrorists in Nahariya.

“Justice has been done, but justice for the victims couldn’t really be done, during all those years Kuntar was in prison,” Haran said. “The fact that he was released by the state, and eventually eliminated by the states shows there is law and there is a judge.”

“It was very painful for me when he was released,” Haran added. “I went through a very difficult period. But, on the other hand, it’s important for me show that the family he attacked, of which remains only one remnant – this remnant grew and prospered.”

Roni Keren, Danny Haran’s brother, said that while he feels a small sense of comfort at Kuntar’s elimination, it can’t take the pain away.

“They said it was time, every dog has its day,” he said of responses to the news in the family’s Whatsapp group. “I hope it will convey the message: Whoever murders Jews in Israel and around the world, his end will be like that of Samir Kuntar and the Munich murderers. This is probably the only language understood in the Middle East.”

“Samir Kuntar never regretted his actions, despite all the years since. It always arouses for us anew that my brother and his two daughters were murdered,” Keren added. “I waited for this moment for seven years since Kuntar was released. I waited for this moment twice, once on a personal level and another time to know that when the IDF is tasked with something, it acts.”

Policeman Yoram Shahar was the fourth victim in the brutal attack and his brother, Eliyahu Shahar, said Sunday that he had no doubt “security forces would reach [Kuntar]. I knew he was living on borrowed time.”

Shahar’s daughter, only a baby at the time of the attack, expressed her appreciation to the IDF for the hit. “It is important for me to mention that my father was the first security officer to reach the scene and try to help and save lives. He was not murdered ‘on the road.'”