Explosive device found near Gaza border

Recently, there has been an increase in attempts, made by terror organizations, to harm IDF soldiers near the Gaza Strip.

Now, the IDF has revealed pictures, allowing the public to see just how these dangerous devices look. These wireless explosive are used to try and blow up army vehicles full of IDF soldiers.

On Wednesday, a bomb exploded near the Gaza Strip border and damaged an IDF vehicle. No soldiers were injured. IDF forces responded with firing at suspicious targets after the explosion and two Palestinians were injured.


In a search that was conducted in the area following the explosion, another explosive device was discovered. Thanks to this device that failed to explode, the IDF has now learned more about how the terror organizations operate with these devices. The device that was found weighs around ten kilograms and was supposed to detonate remotely, with a cellphone.


IDF forces are stationed in the area in order to thwart Arabs from illegally crossing into Israel, fix the Israel-Gaza security barrier and prevent violent riots in the area that can lead to harm being caused to Israeli communities nearby.