German man charged over Nazi tattoo

A German man was charged with incitement to hatred Wednesday, for sporting a tattoo featuring genocidal Nazi death camps on his lower back.

Police launched a manhunt for the tattooed man earlier this month after horrified swimmers saw the body art with an image of Auschwitz and the phrase written on the gates of Buchenwald: “Jedem das Seine,” meaning “to each his own.”

After a search, he was identified as Marcel Zech, a convict and member of the far-right National Democratic Party who sits on the local council of eastern German district Barnim, according to local media.

German authorities have expedited the trial, setting the date for next Tuesday, December 22. He could face up to five years in prison.

Zech has a long criminal history, the Daily Mail reports. He was fined €1,200 ($1,303) for assault in 2013; won his council seat in 2014; and then posed as a police officer in 2015 in an attempt to uncover the identities of anti-fascist demonstrators. He was ordered to pay a €360 ($398) fine for impersonating a police officer in June.

In addition, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency lists him as a “neo-Nazi,” and he has been spotted with several other Nazi or Nazi-inspired tattoos – including one of the old Reich eagle symbol and a black sun.