Muslim Brotherhood Extremists Attack Journalists on the Streets of New York City

During Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s visit to the United Nations General Assembly, the accompanying Egyptian press delegation was accosted on the streets of New York and attacked both physically and verbally. In videos circulating on social media Monday, the assault took place in the presence of New York City’s finest. These extremists were allowed to terrorize the press and then simply go free.

The video shows a member of the Muslim Brotherhood approaching the delegation as he calls out the name “Sherdy” — Mohamed Sherdy is a well known and respected Egyptian news anchor and was a part of the press delegation in New York. The same man then shouts obscenities, calling Sherdy a “faggot,” and then strikes him as he accuses him for the reasons he had been jailed.

The attacker then turns his attention to a younger Egyptian news anchor, Yossef el Husseini, a well known and respected liberal democratic media activist. He proceeds to call Husseini a prostitute, before striking him on the head.

The disturbing video continues in Arabic with a growing crowd of members of the Muslim Brotherhood hurling graphic obscenities at the journalists — even condescendingly referring their mothers — before the group begins shouting in a rhythmic ritualistic chant, attempting to intimidate and scare the journalists.

This is shameful that this happened in the United States. While these men got away with their attack on the Egyptian journalists — and while others like them continue to get away with it throughout the Middle East — this type of intimidation cannot be allowed to go unpunished in the United States. This is the same type of tactics of intimidation and fear employed to suppress the Christian and liberal vote during the presidential election when Morsi ascended to the presidency.

While the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lodged an official complaint with the U.S. State Department, it’s up to us to insist that the New York Police Department pursue these extremists without hesitation.

It is our patriotic duty to make sure that Muslim Brotherhood Extremists do not think that they can employ these kind of tactics in United States and simply get away with it without consequences.