Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Infrastructure in Gaza

The Israeli Air Force overnight Tuesday attacked four terrorist infrastructures belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesman said.


According to the statement, the airstrike took place in response to the rocket fire towards southern Israel on Tuesday night. The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted two rockets over the city of Ashdod.


An Islamic State (ISIS) – affiliated Salafist group by the name of Sheik Amar Hadid claimed responsibility for the rocket attack on social media, charging that it was a response to the shooting of a female terrorist  at a checkpoint in Hevron.

Earlier, IDF sources said they believed the fire was part of an internal power struggle between the Hamas terror group and smaller Salafist groups.

“The IDF will not tolerate fire from terrorist organizations at Israeli territory and will continue to act severely against any attempt to disturb the peace of the towns in the south,” the statement noted, adding that Hamas, as the ruling power in Gaza, is responsible for any rocket fire from the territory.