Two ringleaders of the Hungarian border assault were Jihadi butchers preparing attacks on European soil

Two leaders of the confrontations at the border between Serbia and Hungary (at Horgos and at Röszke) have been identified by the Hungarian police as terrorists who were preparing to commit actions on European soil.

On 16 September, Yacir and Ahmed H. were arrested when, armed with loudspeakers giving orders in Arab and English, they were supervising the rioters who were trying to enter Hungary by force.

According to the information portal, it was an illegal immigrant, apparently Christian, who recognised Ahmed H. and sent damning photos to the police. They show Ahmed H in Syria brandishing a Kalashnikov or sharing a moment of repose in the middle of a group of jihadists.

According to the Hungarian police, Ahmed H is said to have participated in the murder of more than fifty people. The witness revealed that he had the reputation of being a “bloody butcher, notorious murderer, torturer.” After investigation, according to the police, the presumed terrorist, far from being an unfortunate refugee, has a house in Cyprus, a boat, five cars and has just invested 90,000 euros in building a new house.

More seriously, he was linked to Tabligh Jamaat, a fundamentalist islamist group. He is said to have fought within the free Syrian army, then in the ranks of the Al-Nusra front (Syrian branch of Al Qaeda). This information was provided by the Hungarian police.

He was arrested with seven passports in his possession, all with Schengen visas. According to the Hungarian police, he was preparing terrorist actions on European soil.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, confirmed that the special services had already arrested several terrorists.

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