Fury as Labour member’s outrageous ‘gas chamber’ quip earns her a HUG from Jeremy Corbyn

A Labour member today sparked fury after claiming disabled people might as well “walk into the gas chamber” if the Government pushes ahead with scrapping European human rights law.

Sioux Blair-Jordan, of the Colchester Labour Party, made the inflammatory comment as she spoke to the party’s conference in Brighton.

She said disabled people in Britain “need the European Union to uphold our human rights”, adding that if the Conservatives bring in a UK alternative to the European Convention on Human Rights then “we might as well walk into the gas chamber today”.

After she finished speaking, Ms Blair-Jordan was seen being given a hug by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She had earlier told the audience: “I’ve met him [Mr Corbyn] a few times, he gives wonderful hugs.”

Anti-Semitism campaigners called on the Labour leader to condemn Ms Blair-Jordan’s comments.

A spokesman for the Campaign Against Antisemitism told Express.co.uk: “Sioux Blair-Jordan’s reference to gas chambers was gratuitous and offensive.

“Over six million Jews as well as others including the disabled were murdered during the Holocaust, many of them in gas chambers.

“Many Jewish people in Britain have relatives who were killed in the Holocaust. The Labour Party should be condemning comparisons to the Holocaust like Blair-Jordan’s, but instead we saw Jeremy Corbyn hugging her warmly after her speech.

“Education about antisemitism and the attempted Genocide of Europe’s Jewish people is vitally important, especially as antisemitism is rising once again in many parts of Europe.”