IDF preparing to demolish three terrorist homes

The regional brigade of “Menashe” held a large-scale operation on Sunday night in Samaria’s Jenin, in conjunction with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA or Shabak).

During the operation, combined efforts from the elite Duvdevan unit, Saar unit, and Desert Reconnaissance Battalion, arrested three wanted terrorist from Hamas and executed additional measures against targets of the Hamas terror organization.

Additionally, in accordance with the instructions of the political tier, forces from the Nahal battalion, combat engineers from the Binyamin division, and regional civil engineers mapped out three terrorists’ homes in preparation for their demolition.

The house of Bassem Faris Ibrahim Nasan was mapped out in the al-Mughayyer village. Nasan is the terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack last month at Tapuach Junction.

In Silwan village, forces prepped the home of the terrorist Anas Bassam Abdel Rahim Hamed, who ran over and wounded two Israeli soldiers last Friday in the Binyamin region of Samaria.

In Aboud village, the home of the terrorist Abdel Rahman and Ghia Ibrahim Abdel Magid were located. They stabbed and wounded a soldier last Friday, also in Binyamin.