Netanyahu denounces ‘double standards’ in Swedish FM’s remarks

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday night spoke with his Swedish counterpart, Stefan Loefven, and expressed his displeasure about Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom’s latest remarks against Israel.

Wallstrom, speaking to members of parliament in Stockholm on Friday, condemned the Palestinian knife attacks against Israelis but also criticized Israel’s response, accusing the Jewish state of “extrajudicial executions” of terrorists who carry out stabbing attacks.

“This is the second time she has said things with regards to Israel that are not acceptable to us and are not true,” Netanyahu told Loefven, and also denounced the double standards in the Swedish Foreign Minister’s remarks.

“I did not see her saying that last week in San Bernardino, or the attack in Paris when police killed the terrorists, that those were executions as she had said about Israel,” added Netanyahu.

Wallstrom’s remarks on Friday marked the latest in a series of problematic statements she has made with regards to Israel.

Several weeks ago, the Swedish minister provoked a firestorm of criticism, when she appeared to blame the terrorist attacks in Paris on “Palestinian frustration” with Israel.