Hamas: Judea-Samaria the geographic key for ‘freeing Palestine’

Hamas politburo member Mahmoud al-Zahar called for the “Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Intifada” to continue growing steam, saying current terror wave would lead to the “liberation of Palestine” – and indicating that Judea and Samaria are the key battle grounds.

Al-Zahar, a leading figure of the Hamas terrorist organization, told the group’s Palestine paper that “the Al-Quds Intifada is a significant symbol regarding the manner of Palestine’s liberation.”

The terrorist noted three important elements for that “liberation,” including liberation from fear, preparedness, and actions.

“When these (elements) are applied Palestine will be liberated at a date that no one can foresee…no one but Allah knows when the intifada will achieve its goal.”

“The results of our path in previous intifadas were achieved in the national front, and the (West) Bank and Gaza succeeded in achieving certain results when they removed the occupation from the (Gaza) Strip,” added al-Zahar.

According to the Hamas leader, Judea and Samaria are geographically more favorable as battlefronts against Israel in order to “liberate Palestine,” although he accused the Palestinian Authority (PA), which enjoys a wide level of control in the region, of preventing action.

The current intifada is preparing the groundwork for the “liberation” of all “Palestine,” he added, indicating the goals of conquest and occupation over all of Israel.