Obama: ‘We Will Not Be Terrorized’ After California Shooting

President Barack Obama used his weekly address Saturday to vow America “will not be terrorized” following the California mass shooting, which the FBI said it is officially investigating as an act of terrorism.

“Our hearts are with the people of San Bernardino – another American community shattered by unspeakable violence,” Obama said about the deadly attack by a married couple on a California social services office that left 14 dead and 21 injured.

He also renewed his calls for tighter gun controls a day after the Federal Bureau of Investigation said a number of pieces of evidence have turned up to make the shooting a terrorist act, including signs the massacre was extensively planned.

“As president, my highest priority is the security and safety of the American people. This is work that should unite us all – as Americans – so that we’re doing everything in our power to defend our country,” Obama said in his weekly address. ” We are Americans. We will uphold our values – a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized.”

On Friday, David Bowdich, assistant chief of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, would not talk about the specific evidence, but he did say it includes crushed cellphones found in a garbage can near the site of the killings. He said there were “telephonic connections” between the suspects and others, and that the phones could reveal “potential golden nuggets.”

Bowdich said he had seen the Facebook posting where the wife involved in the massacre, Pakistani Tashfeen Malik, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group.

The message was apparently posted on Facebook about the same time the shooting started but Bowdich said he could not give any further information.

The Islamic State said on its radio broadcast Saturday the husband and wife were “supporters” of the terrorist group. “We pray to God to accept them as martyrs,” al-Bayan Radio said.