WATCH: Hundreds of Arabs rioting throughout Judea-Samaria, Jerusalem, border fence.

Hundreds of Arab terrorists clashed with Israeli security forces in several Judea and Samaria locations on Friday. Around 100 arabs threw stones at soldiers in Kfar Kursa next to Shechem and in Qalqilya about 150 arabs were throwing stones and burning tires at security forces.

A shock grenade was also thrown. In Aida in Bethlehem, around 200 terrorists threw stones and burning tires. Security forces responded with riot dispersal means.

Additionally, about 100 arabs threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the entrance to Beit Fajjar in Gush Etzion, with security forces responding with live fire from Ruger rifles at the central agitators. A hit was identified.


At Halhul Bridge on Route 35, north of Hevron, around 80 arabs threw stones, burning tires and Molotov cocktails. Security forces responded with Ruger fire at seven central demonstrators.

Arab rioters  were clashing with security forces throughout the security fence with Gaza. Security forces responded with riot dispersal means.