White House placed on lockdown after fence-jumper caught

The White House was placed on lockdown on Thursday after a person jumped the fence, CNN reported – adding that the jumper was immediately caught.

Despite the quick capture, the presidential mansion was still on lockdown as the secret service conducted a security sweep of the area, ABC News and other media outlets reported.

Representatives for the secret service could not immediately be reached for comment on the incident.

The Thanksgiving Day incident came amid heightened security concerns in the US and other western countries following the 13 November attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

President Barack Obama is in Washington at the White House to celebrate the US holiday, according to his public schedule.

Thursday’s incident followed recent steps by the secret service to improve security at the White House following a string of breaches. Measures included changes to the fence aimed at making it harder for people to jump over.